About Us


Neon Nation LLC is a Los Angeles, California based apparel company that specifically sells neon colored products. While we still offer a variety of "normie" colored items, we strive to have the majority of our catalog be blindingly neon! Shop around and help us spread the neon all across the nation!


Neon Nation Vending!

Here at Neon Nation LLC we pride ourselves upon the success we have vending at various events. Whether it be a state fair, music festival, running event or what ever other specialty event, Neon Nation is always a crowed pleasing spectacle. In October 2014 Neon Nation partnered with the global company The Color Run and provided all of the glow supplies for the first ever Color Run Night. Neon Nation also participates annually at the 17th Street Festival in Washington D.C and at the Viva Vienna Festival in Vienna, Virginia. If you would like to hire Neon Nation to vend at your event please email us at NeonNationLLC@Gmail.com